Super Hot Hogfish Bite

tampa hogfish

Hogfish bite is super hot right now, especially around 40-70ft of water we are seeing the hogfish chewing well. They take a bit to get dialed in on but once you find their areas they are really loving the live shrimp! Lighter tackle approaches work well especially with a minimal weight like a ¾-1oz weight and a 3-4ot hook with around 30lb floro leaders. I like to use a spinning rod and reel with around a 4000-5000 series reel and around 20lb braided line with that 30lb leader super long to ensure these guys have no shot at seeing your braid anywhere near your bait. These guys love hanging around adjacent to the harder bottom areas. Small ledges, rock piles, or flat hard bottom with lots of relief seems to work best to keep those hogfish around. Right now the ‘secret’ weapon has been our use of 8mm red beads on our knocker rigs. So we use the methods described above to make a knocker rig style set up but between the weight and hook we ad around 4-5 of these 8mm red beads. Seems pretty silly and goes against my minimalist approach to hog fishing but we cannot deny it’s results as of late. This is the Hubbard’s Marina specialty hogfish set up right now when were not using our Nekid Ball Jigz to get them chewing.

Besides the hogfish, right now we are seeing some nice snapper action especially a little deeper around 60-100ft of water the lane snapper are biting well and seem to be fairly prolific. Along with the lanes we are seeing the occasional big mangrove snapper too mixed in. Plus, the vermillion snapper seem to always be ready to cooperate around the deeper depths.

We are seeing handfuls of red grouper on our near shore adventures right now too, especially on the squid strips, pinfish or the threadfins with a tail cut. These guys are definitely not super common, but they are a nice bonus when we are out targeting the hogfish or mangrove snapper.

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snappers inshore
  • Nearshore ·

Hungry Fish Nearshore

The fish were hungry and waiting for us to return at the start of the week. Later this past week we faced rough weather Thursday due to the front and the Tuesday all day had a little slower bite than we would have liked but we still caught some great fish.
snapper fishing tampa
  • Offshore ·

Good Snapper Fishing Offshore

The current on the full moon created some issues when we were in the Deepwater trying to catch our amberjacks Wednesday, but luckily with an adjustment into shallower waters we were able to continue red grouper hunting with great success.
tampa redfish
  • Inshore ·

Great Action Before Full Moon

This past week brought some great action inshore especially at the start of the week before the full moon and front that moved by yesterday.
  • Offshore ·

Triggerfish Harvest Upcoming

Triggerfish are getting ready to close for harvest starting May 2nd making end of day May first the last time to land them for 2020, unless the season gets extended due to lack of quota being landed.
flounder fishing
  • Inshore ·

Snook Action Heats Up

Snook action continues to heat up as summer approaches with lots of snook moving into the passes and onto the beaches.
mangrove snapper fishing
  • Offshore ·

Good Snapper Fishing this Time of Year

Snapper action is great this time of year offshore. Now that were past the full moon were starting to see some good day time snapper action, plus this week’s overcast conditions definitely help the daytime snapper bite.
kingfish nearshore tampa
  • Nearshore ·

Great Kingfish Action Nearshore

Kingfish action has been great near shore lately and there is plenty of mackerel around too mixed in among the kings. From the Skyway all the way out of the shipping channel is a great spot to start looking for the bait schools. However, simply trolling around the channel will work well to produce plenty of mackerel and some nice kingfish too.
redfish tampa inshore
  • Inshore ·

Great Fishing Inshore Despite COVID-19

We are unfortunately closed due to the COVID-19 issues around our area, and we will remain closed through April. Tentatively planning and hoping to Open up Friday May 1st but time will tell. However, we still have some great fishing report information from our area to share with you guys!
mangrove snapper
  • Offshore ·

Snapper Excited by Full Moon

The Snapper action offshore this week, like near shore, was excited by that full moon. The nighttime fishing around 1-2 days ahead of the full moon is my favorite followed by a few days behind the moon.
blackfin tuna
  • Nearshore ·

Tampa Nearshore Report

Hogfish are still biting near shore around 30-70ft of water. They have definitely slowed a bit from the cooler moths, but there’s still a decent chance of finding a few ready to eat near shore.